Booster Shot FAQs

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Can I get them at the same time? Can I get more than one?
Yes, you can get multiple IM booster shots at the same time. The injections sites will differ.

Are booster shots painful?
IM shots may cause brief discomfort at time of injection but generally are tolerable. Some clients may experience soreness at the injection site in the days following but this usually resolves quickly.

How long does it take to get the Booster shot?
Getting an IM booster shot takes a few seconds.

Who gives me the IM booster shot?
IM booster shots are administered by our certified medical staff of medics, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and/or doctors.

How soon will I feel the benefits? How long do benefits last?
It varies from person to person. Most clients begin to notice a benefit within 24 hrs of the IM booster that last the duration of 2-4 weeks. Those benefits are enhanced and additive with each subsequent infusion. Upon saturation, your body will excrete any excess.

Can I get an IM booster shot if I have chronic medical problems?
Yes, there are some chronic medical conditions that are amenable to IM booster shots. Our trained medical staff will complete a medical screening to ensure there are no contraindications to receiving a booster shot.

How often can I get booster shots?
While each client has unique needs and health goals, we generally recommend 2-4 IM booster shots per month