IV Infusions FAQs

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What do the infusions do, exactly?
IV infusions allow essential vitamins and nutrients to bypass the harsh environment of the stomach and inconsistencies of gut absorption; guaranteeing direct bloodstream delivery to the organs and tissues that need them the most.

Do they really work? Is this just another fad?
IV infusion therapy is not a fad. Research has proven the benefits of direct supplement repletion which include enhanced immunity, recovery, and nutrient utilization. The culture of medicine is shifting towards preventative care instead of curative therapies. Ensuring your body has the fuel that it needs to optimize its natural processes can go a long way in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Not to mention, the huge relief of financial burden on the individual client and the healthcare system at large by avoiding unnecessary and costly trips to the emergency room or urgent aid.

Why not just drink tons of water and take daily vitamins?
With our culture of busy lifestyles, it can be challenging to get in the amount of water, vitamins and nutrients are bodies need to fuel all that we need them to do. IV infusions deliver nutrients directly to the organs that need them the most.

Can I get a Quench Wellness infusion if I have chronic medical problems?
Yes, there are some chronic medical conditions that are amenable to IV infusions. Our trained medical staff will complete a medical screening to ensure there are no contraindications to receiving an infusion.

Who gives me the infusions?
IV infusions are administered by our certified medical staff of medics, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and/or doctors.

Are Quench Wellness infusions safe?
Our infusions are administered under the highest standards of care via sterile technique. While we cannot predict every adverse reaction such as side effects and allergies to the components of the infusions, IV infusions are known to be generally safe. Rarely, clients may form a swelling of the vein or surrounding tissue and/or bruising or redness in the days following the infusion. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know what to look out for.

Are the infusions painful?
The placement of the IV line can be mildly uncomfortable, however with the use of topical anesthetics and trained technicians, the discomfort is minimal. However, the infusions are generally painless. At most, a refreshing feeling of coolness may accompany the infusion.

How long does it take to get an infusion?
Infusions generally take 30-45 minutes to infuse. Give us 15 additional minutes for sign-in, IV placement and discharge instructions. We aim to get you in an out in about an hour.

How often can I get infusions?
While each client has unique needs and health goals, we generally recommend 1-2 IV infusions per month.

Will I become dependent?
All infusions consist of vitamins and nutrients that exist naturally in your body. The infusions serve to enhance and boost any deficiencies that may have developed through life’s day to day stressors. The aim is to enhance your body’s natural resources to function at optimal capacity.

Some clients may need a just few infusions to attain this goal, while others may need incremental regularly scheduled supplements as maintenance.

How soon will I feel the benefits? How long do benefits last?
It varies from person to person. Most clients begin to notice a benefit within 24 hours of the infusion that can last the duration of 2-4 weeks. Those benefits are enhanced and additive with each subsequent infusion. Upon saturation, your body will excrete any excess.