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Weight loss is never a simple journey, but the good news is that it’s also not something you have to do on your own. Others have walked this path before and are waiting to help! At Quench Wellness in Chicago, IL, we use a comprehensive weight loss program to help people shed pounds while becoming healthier and happier along the way. Is this type of weight loss program for you?

Is Comprehensive Weight Loss Right for You?

You’re Sick of Things That Don’t Work

You don’t have to attempt weight loss for very long before you realize there’s a lot of bad information out there. Everyone who has ever lost a pound seems to think of themselves as an expert and shares their tips. Some of these tips might work. Some definitely don’t, and some only work for certain people or under certain circumstances.

Where are you going to find scientific information applied uniquely to you and your physiology that can actually provide the answers you need? A comprehensive weight loss program with our expert health coaches can get you answers for your concerns.

You Don’t Enjoy Feeling Tired

A lot of traditional weight loss methods consider just two things: calories in and calories out. The goal seems pretty simple. You just eat a lot less and exercise a lot more. The problem is this rarely works.

When you’re just trying to cut calories without understanding the nutritional support you need, you end up exhausted and frustrated. In the best-case scenario, you lose some weight at the expense of happiness and vitality. In the worst case, the pounds never go because you’re so exhausted you keep breaking the diet.

If all your dieting attempts leave you feeling listless and exhausted, or if you end up binging every few days just to get the energy you need to get through life, our weight loss program can help. Our program isn’t just about dropping pounds but about supporting overall wellness and nutrition so you have the vitality and energy you need.

You Don’t Want to Go It Alone

Nearly all of us have been there: trying to diet when no one else is. When you announce you’re on a diet, friends and family can be very supportive at the outset, but that support can seem to disappear at mealtimes when everyone else is enjoying things you’re trying to deny yourself.

When everyone else is turning to food to manage their stress or reward themselves after a hard day, it can be tough to stay the course. You don’t have to go through this journey alone. We all deserve and need support for something as important (and dramatic) as weight loss, and that’s what you get with a comprehensive weight loss program.

We understand that weight loss isn’t a straight path and that you’ll take some turns along the way. But through coaching, help with meal planning, nutritional support, and the help of a community, you can see success.

You’re Ready to Realign Your Lifestyle

Lots of us have dieted successfully only to see the weight come back. It can be a frustrating cycle of denial followed by returning to old habits (and often feeling a lot of guilt along the way). At Quench Wellness, we believe the only way to see real success is to change your lifestyle.

When you remove one habit, whether it’s rewarding yourself with a pastry after a hard day or spending time in front of a screen instead of out in the sun, that habit should be replaced with another, healthier one rather than simply become a hole in your life! We can help you make the right substitutions for a whole new lifestyle that gives you freedom, mobility, hope, and better health.

You’re Facing Health Concerns

If you need to lose weight but also have some health conditions to manage, it all becomes just that much more difficult. Now you have to plan your exercise and diet around specific needs and restrictions. Whether you’re trying to work around food allergies, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, an autoimmune disorder, or any other concern, it can be a struggle to make a diet “plan” fit around your needs.

You hear other people talking about all the success they’ve had with Slim Fast, but it messes too much with your blood sugar. You’d like to do a Keto diet, but you’ve had your gall bladder out and worry about the fat load. Other friends swear by a vegetarian diet, but you consistently bump up against vitamin B deficiency.

Instead of trying to fit yourself into a diet plan, why not do it the other way around? When you work with us, we can help you design your plan around you and your needs instead of constantly trying to push a round peg into a square hole. When you find the combination of foods and nutritional support that works for you, you can finally see the success you deserve.

You Haven’t Found Exercise You Love

The right exercise plan, like the right dietary choices, is an individual thing. If you hate running, then trying to run five miles a day with your friend isn’t going to help you in the long run. It’s a chore, and when life stress hits, the first things to go are the things we hate. To develop lifelong, healthy habits you need to find the right way for you to stay active.

There’s no one type of exercise that’s perfect for everyone, and we can help you explore options you might not even have thought of. For you, the right way to stay active could be stair-stepping with friends at the gym, trail running under the trees with the sunrise at your back, or kayaking with a partner on Lake Michigan. There’s something out there for everyone!

What Is Comprehensive Weight Loss?

Our program is all about changing your lifestyle and thus your life. When your life is transformed, you will lose the weight, but you’ll also gain some things that are even more important, like greater confidence and freedom, more mobility, hope, and better health.

To get you there, we bring a combination of personal experience with weight loss journeys, training, expertise in nutrition, health coaching, and medical expertise from board-certified physicians with a passion for enhancing overall wellness.

We understand that weight loss is always personal, so your journey will be designed uniquely for you and your needs. Along the way, we can offer a variety of customizable tools to help you reach your goals.

Health Coaching

Your health coach will meet with you one-on-one and help you uncover opportunities for improving your physical, emotional, and mental state. Together, you’ll investigate all aspects of wellness that could be interfering with your health and vitality and design solutions that work for you. These might include nutritional changes, hormone balancing, stress management strategies, and weight loss.

Your health coach can help you repair your adrenal health, improve your digestion and repair your gut, overhaul your diet and nutrition to address autoimmune disorders or inflammation, or help you get the bio-identical hormone intervention you need to restore balance.

Personal Training

We offer many boutique class resources where you can get the help you need to stay safely active. As part of your overall weight loss program, exercise is essential, but it’s equally essential that you find the types of exercise that work for you.

Your personal trainer can help you find the right ways to get moving, stay safe as you exercise more, and keep track of your goals so you can see how much progress you’re making!

Community Support

We have a strong community of people who have been through weight loss and understand the journey. They can testify to how a comprehensive change in lifestyle can completely transform a life. Success is so much easier when we do life together, and you’ll derive motivation and support from our community that will help you at every step along the way.

Nutrient Fueling

Nutrition deficiencies could be holding you back from enjoying the energy and wellness you need to fuel your weight loss journey. There’s no better way to address nutrient needs than with IV infusions. We offer IV infusions of key nutrients in blends that can help you maintain an active lifestyle, feel satisfied and alert, recover from illness, or hang on through the “keto flu.”

Why an IV?

Bioavailability is always a concern with any nutrient. Bioavailability simply refers to how well the body can absorb a nutrient, and it’s a bigger issue than you might think. Consider spinach as an example. We’ve all heard that spinach has a lot of iron, but what you might not know is that it’s not very bioavailable to us.

It’s a poorer quality iron than is found in meat, for one thing, and our body struggles to make good use of it. There are also compounds in spinach that actually block iron absorption in the digestive system. Whenever you eat food or take a vitamin pill, you can never be completely sure how much of any nutrient will actually make it into your bloodstream and be used.

If you’re suffering from Crohn’s, celiac disease, or have IBS, the problem is even worse. But with IV infusions, 100% of the nutrients make it straight into your bloodstream, where they get to work instantly fueling your life.


We have infusions that can help with any issue you’re facing. Our performance blend, for instance, replaces the nutrients typically lost in a workout so you have fewer cramps and less muscle fatigue and post-workout soreness. Our Boss Blend is perfect for those who are feeling low energy at work and having trouble concentrating or sleeping.

For those with dry skin, constipation, headaches, and general fatigue, the Oasis Blend offers general nutritional support and effective hydration to get you back on your feet. If you’re fighting an illness or need to strengthen your immune system in general, our Immunity Blend includes powerhouse nutrients like vitamin C and zinc to boost your system.

Fat Burning Shots

We can also offer shots of vitamin B that can jumpstart your metabolism and give you the energy you need to burn fat while enhancing immune and liver function at the same time. Lipotropic B12 increases energy and helps your body release fat deposits from the neck, thighs, hip, stomach, and more. Best of all, you can repeat the shot every 72 hours and get the support you need to keep going on your wellness journey.

Is Comprehensive Weight Loss Right for You?

If you’re struggling with weight loss and feel that you’ve tried everything and nothing is really working, it might be time for a comprehensive approach. You don’t have to go through it alone! Visit us at Quench Wellness in Chicago, IL today and get started on a whole new you.