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Our bodies need a lot of water to maintain bodily functions such as brain activity, digestion, reproduction, and other things. To maintain the high levels of hydration required by the body, a person has to consume fluids in large quantities. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, especially if you have a medical issue that is draining you. However, you could benefit greatly from IV hydration. You have probably seen it in hospitals. IV hydration is the normal intravenous administration of water and other supplements into your body. It has many benefits for patients and other people.

It is Fast

For a person who needs emergency hydration, the only option is through the veins. People who need emergency care often require this therapy because it delivers water directly into the bloodstream. Oral rehydration is also possible, but it takes several hours to deliver the required amount of water into the bloodstream.

Orally administered water has to go through the digestive tract before it reaches the large intestines where it is absorbed. IV hydration does not need to go through all that. Therefore, it is fast-acting.

Get Supplements Directly

For someone who is not capable of eating, nauseated, or simply too weak, you can receive supplements directly through this therapy. Some of the important nutritional supplements include vitamins other supplementary minerals. Such supplements can help the person return to normalcy within a short time. It can also help them fight disease and illnesses that caused dehydration.

It Can Deliver What You Want and Need

Different bodies have different hydration and nutritional needs. Some people prefer to replace lost water by delivering it directly into the bloodstream. For example, after a competition, it is normal to feel exhausted. You can give your body an instant boost through IV hydration at our office. If you have a hangover or jet lag, IV hydration can deliver the amount of water required to bring you back to normalcy.

It is Quite Convenient

IV hydration is performed in the comfort of our office and typically takes very little time to administer. We can use an IV to deliver the right dose directly into the patient’s body. This will enable it to act fast.

IV hydration therapy has many benefits. We encourage you to visit us at Quench Wellness for further information. We can help you safely use this procedure to meet your hydration and nutritional needs. Contact us today to book an appointment in Chicago.