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Vitamin D is an essential ingredient in positive bone health. You could drink milk for your vitamin D; however, the best way to be sure you have enough vitamin D in your diet is with supplements. Besides, milk contains lots of fat and could lead to other health issues if consumed too much. Thankfully, vitamin D boost injections are available right here at Quench Wellness.

About Vitamin D

Vitamin D doesn’t directly make the bones stronger; it helps the body absorb calcium. The calcium is what will strengthen the bones. However, if you are low on Vitamin D, you won’t be able to absorb the right amount of calcium. Vitamin D is equally important to bone health as calcium.

Vitamin D is called a vitamin; however, it isn’t truly a vitamin. Vitamins are not typically created naturally by the body. Vitamin D is created by the skin when exposed to sunlight, so technically, it is a hormone.

Delivery Methods

There are quite a few options for consuming vitamin D supplements. The most common one is by mouth. Vitamin D supplements are available in any pharmacy or grocery store; however, much of the nutrition in these pills will be wasted by the body. These supplements have a tendency to lose potency while being digested – that’s why many OTC supplements contain 1000% or more of the vitamin.

The best way to absorb a vitamin D supplement is with a vitamin D boost injection. You get the most out of each treatment when you have the vitamin injected. Just one injection every month or two is enough to correct a vitamin D deficiency.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Anyone who doesn’t get enough sunlight could be at risk for a vitamin D deficiency. These people will have an increased chance of developing osteoporosis and other bone disorders. These are the best candidates for vitamin D boost therapy. If you work indoors or simply don’t spend much time outside, you could be the perfect candidate for vitamin D supplementation in this form.

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